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The Final Fantasy XIV New Year's Event Is On Now

Le 10 janvier 2018, 10:00 dans Humeurs 0

If you miss the news, Final Fantasy XIV: Rodstone will hold an event for the next two weeks. Players do not want to miss this event. The day of the jubilee celebrates the new year's dog, the year of the new zodiac. Items that explore the theme and new story of the player.

This incident will last two weeks. However, in order to celebrate the arrival of the "Far East" delegation of chickens came to Eozea, their leaders seem to be in trouble and gain the benefits of local residents. Tory adherence has gone beyond redemption He is desperately trying to revise the Tinley Festival, which may be a possibility Sex. "


Red Trowel Helmet, Armor, Black Toe, Helmet, Armor, New Haven Stern Rolling, Cute Decorating HQ, such as "Happy New Year Chocobo", you can get four items during the event.


Heavensturn celebrates New Year's entry at the beginning or annual gala after 2014, winning new adventures, prizes, and you can reward loyalty games. Supervisor and game maker Yoshida Naoki is one of today's mysteries in a new blog post about game updates coming to the end that I wrote to become annoyed by a new story. January 15 (Wednesday) at 6:59 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time), the task of completing an activity for the player. When you finish, you can not finish it.


Final Fantasy XIV (How to identify ff14 buying gil is very safe and reliable) is now available on PlayStation 4, PC, Mac OS.

FFXIV Frontline campaigns Guide:Acquiring a title and Acquiring the three mounts

Le 29 décembre 2017, 09:56 dans Humeurs 0

Since the frontline and section are not locked in to launch the GARO incident, it is a time to cultivate a wolf trademark. The bad priest NPC mentioned above is a PvP gear (iLvl 235). She wants to give you a title, wear a particular collection. For example, you will receive enough, however, three prizes from the unwelcome priestess (white sorcerer, scholar, astrologer) to NPC that will give you the title, arm, head, body, hands Please note, You have to buy and wear a foot and foot. Belts and accessories are optional.

After you receive your title, open your list of roles and go to the "Profiles" tab. Under "Title," choose what the badcats give you. Since I am a scholar, my title is "Makai Scholar". To clear the result, you have to do a certain number of PvP games on Frontline and Feast.


As part of the GARO collaboration, three accomplishments will bring you three 3.5 patches. Fighting results "Angry death toll", achievements "front of the anger" (Galaxy) in the forefront, the wolf's "fatal feast" is (awakening tube). On the first page of this book, you can see that there is a title of "Bad Evil Pastor".


Frontline Fury has won ten frontline battles, but Fatal Carnival (final fantasy 14 buy gil is a very normal and popular thing) needs to win 30 times. Angry death toll states: "Do you want to win 60 PVP games between Frontline and Feast?